34 Famous Men Who Have Done Plastic Surgery

When you think of plastic surgery, the first thing that comes to mind is women. I am sure it is. But believe it or not, even men go under the knife. We live in a world where appearance is everything, and male celebs like to look good as much as women. When it comes to men, common surgeries include a nose job, facelift and Botox. If you didn’t know by now, I will show you a list of male celebrities who have done some kind of a plastic surgery. The fun part is, the results are not always good. Sometimes, surgeries can go extremely bad.

1. Bradley Cooper

The actor has not confirmed the rumors, but the internet is crazy when it comes to this sort of things. Before and after photos definitely look different. Most say he has done a nose job, and that isn’t confirmed. But, it is sure he has done Botox and chemical peel.

2. Mark McGrath

McGrath is a good example that plastic surgery does not always help you improve your appearance. His face looks completely unnatural, and that is all result of too much plastic surgery. Sometimes, you just need to know your limits

3. Wayne Newton

Newton cannot smile anymore from all that Botox on his face. One can safely say that his face is more plastic than natural skin.

4. Steven Tyler

Tyler’s face is among the most artificial in Hollywood.But unlike many other male celebrities, at least Tyler has the dignity to admit that he has undergone surgery. He might not like the results, but he is not denying the knife.

5. Rupert Everett

For his part, Everett has said that he wouldn’t mind some extra hair, but he has never done a surgery. It is hard to believe him, given how younger he looks on “after” photos.

6. Paul Stanley

Stanley has done almost everything. Nose job, eyelid surgery, facelift, lip augmentation — you name it, he has done it. His surgeries might have gone wrong, but at least one has helped him. He was born with a misshapen ear, and he had to do a surgery on it to improve his hearing.

7. Jared Leto

Leto’s fans and he himself hate the rumors that he has done something to his face. But traces of Botox are already there.  Jared looked much different at the Oscars in 2016, and that is when people took notice.

8. Bruce Jenner

Even before he went all in to change his appearance into a woman, Jenner was known for visiting plastic surgeons from time to time. And then he went all in for a complete transformation. The surgery that turned him into a woman lasted for 10 hours.

9. Ben Savage

Savage was suffering from a rather big nose. So, the boy that meets the world had a nose job done to fix it. You can notice his entire face changed, from cheekbones to nose to mouth. And it was all the result of a single surgery.

10. Steve Martin

It is such a sad thing that one of the best comedians of the last century is known for his plastic surgery. But in an effort to look young as long as possible, Martin has done several facelifts.

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