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Wooden House in Switzerland – the Best Place for a Winter Holiday

The wooden villa “Chalet Les Anges” has been declared the best skiing accommodation by the World Ski Awards for the second consecutive year.

It is located in the ski center Zermat, in the part of Switzerland where German is spoken. There is a spectacular view of the most iconic peak in Europe, Matterhorn.

It has 3 floors, 7 bedrooms and a living room with open concept.

Feel the atmosphere:

The Cave Of Three Bridges In Lebanon

The Baatara Gorge Waterfall is easily one of the most beautiful sights on earth. This incredible waterfall flows through the Three Bridge Chasm, an amazing vision on its own. Located in Tannourine, Lebanon, this natural feat has been a masterpiece in the making for millions of years.

After winter, when Mount Lebanon begins to melt, the ice turns to water and floods down into these cliffs, creating a waterfall that slowly carves away the limestone, year by year. Today this limestone is over 160-million years old, that means it was around back when the dinosaurs roamed earth. The age of these limestone cliffs, paired with all of the water damage they have received over the years, gives the walls of this waterfall so much character.


Science Proves Why Money Should be Spent on Trips

A survey conducted at Cornell University in New York has shown that the key to happiness is hidden in the experiences rather than in the material things. This study was conducted by the psychologist Dr. Thomas Gilovich.

“We buy things to be happy and it helps us, but only in short. New things are interesting to us at the beginning, but we get used to them quickly.” On the other hand, the happiness we feel when we first try something, the time is increasing because these experiences become part of us and build our identity, “explained Gilovich.

To make it clearer, it’s when the jersey who you want a long time, you’ll wear it only twice, and you’ll remember your first vacation with your parents forever. Gilovich advises that the money you save for a new TV, spend for a trip or some new hobby.

“It’s really okay to want material things. You can think they are related to your identity, but they can exist without you.” On the other hand, your experiences are really part of you, “the scientist concluded.

The Subway, Zion National Park

Though named for mass transit, the Subway sees just 50 people a day. The oddly tubular canyon, tucked in the wilder western part of Utah’s Zion National Park, is limited to hikers with permits. A segment of a seven-mile gorge, the Subway opens narrowly to the towering sandstone walls above. Its lucky few visitors must wade—at times swim—through icy pools infrequently touched by the sun. While even the easy route requires ropes, hard-core canyoneers and fans of German submarine films can take a technical one dubbed “Das Boot,” where wetsuits come in handy. For those whose taste runs to Jurassic Park, dilophosaurus tracks stamp the mudstone along the canyon’s creek.

Around the time the dinosaurs made their mark, some 150 million years ago, Zion’s walls were laid down: A massive windblown desert blanketed the land from central Wyoming to Southern California, with its greatest depth—3,000 feet—in this corner of Utah. Compressed, uplifted, and slowly sliced by rivers, the sandstone cliffs are now among the world’s highest. At the Subway, the Left Fork of North Creek has cut to the softer layer of shale beneath the sandstone, allowing the creek to widen and create the curved canyon walls.

While primordial forces are showcased at Zion, the park also tells stories of 8,000 years of human history. Ancient yucca-fiber sandals—the earliest residents’ footwear—were found in local caves. Art of the Anasazi, who disappeared around a.d. 1300 after centuries in the region, still decorates the rock. More recent canyon dwellers left their legacy with names: The main canyon was christened “Zion,” from the Hebrew word meaning a place of refuge, by 1860s Mormon pioneers who had escaped persecution back East. Not far from the Subway, Tabernacle Dome rises, while farther down the creek, Archangel Cascades fall.


4 Destinations: The Perfect Choice for Every Woman

Every girl, at least once in her life, wants to go on an exclusive trip with her best friends.

Whether it’s a holiday, a birthday surprise or a girls’ evening, girls almost always have specific ideas and imagine how they want their dream come true.

They make plans for what they will visit, where to have fun, and how to surprise their friends.

In the following, read out the best 4 holiday destinations that every girl should visit:

Birthday trip
Vienna, Austria

Definitely a great idea for celebrating a jubilee birthday, is to going on a special trip. If you decide to celebrate the birthday in this way, Vienna is the right choice for you. You will be impressed by moving along every impeccably lit street.

Vienna is known for its charm from the old world, as well as for its rich artistic and intellectual beginnings. There is much to write about this historic city – once the home of Sigmund Freud and Beethoven – and much more than you can see with your own eyes. If you have time to explore the surroundings of the city, then you can visit the famous Parker amusement park and the Baroque Palace of Schönbrunn.

Celebration of a jubilee birthday? Start the next decade of your life with a luxurious experience. Consider a reservation in the popular Heath Wien Park located in the city center. “The hosts” will surely recommend to you and your friends spa treatment, and will be offered to make you a reservation in one of the most renowned restaurants in the city, such as Steirereck or Fabios.

Order a birthday cake in your room, you will definitely be surprised by the huge selection of cakes inspired by Viennese history.

Travel for detoxification
Budapest, Hungary

Every one of us needs a trip for detoxification regardless of whether it’s a crisis in a relationship or a small solo adventure. It is important to disconnect from everyday life, and if you are not interested in starting yoga, it’s time to start exploring a new city.

Budapest is the perfect place to restart. This is a place where you can take away all the problems in the thermal baths and spa centers, before moving to “Simply Kirt”, also known as the “destroyed pub” in the old Jewish quarter of the city.

Add wellness to your list of experiences and spend at least 24 hours at Aria Hotel Budapest, a five-star hotel that focuses on relaxing your mind and body. From private sessions with a professional yoga instructor, up to hours at the top of the hotel from where you can see the St. Stephen’s Basilica, there are many opportunities to stretch your body and straighten your mind.

For a night out, go with your friends to “High Note SkyBar”, where you can enjoy good music and great cocktails.

Solo travel

Even if you’ve been on countless trips around the globe, it’s definitely worth the experience of a solo atmosphere. Less time running from meeting to meeting and more time to allow yourself to dictate where to eat, where to stay and what to do. Solo travel is in trend with reason: It’s a completely remarkable way to explore a new place, but also yourself.

As one of the safest countries in the world and one of the most tourist-friendly destinations for visiting Southeast Asia, Singapore is a place you should definitely find on your list of solo adventure. In addition to being considered a huge market, this small region offers everything from alpinism to fine locals for a peaceful dinner.

During your stay, explore the rare flowers and plants in the “Gardens by the Gulf” and climb up to the high mountain, “Cloud Forest”, the home of the tallest waterfall in the world. When you get hungry, visit the nearby “Gulf of Saturn”, where there are 19 stalls offering a variety of local street food products (and, of course, drinks that will help you get your breath).

Book a room at the InterContinental Hotel, which is close to Marina Bay and Central Business District.

Travel after breaking up relationship
Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Breaking up is hard for anyone, no matter how old you are or how much you loved your former partner. It involves changing the daily routine. If you have lived together, difficult separation requires emotional and physical escape. Whether you go alone on a trip or in a company of a trusted friend, you need to choose a destination that will give you maximum relaxation and peace.

Fajardo, a hidden gem in the eastern part of Puerto Rico, is a small town worth it to attract your attention. Although it can not cure a broken heart, the beautiful views, privacy and the tours of the nearby biomuminescent lagoon will draw you away from stressful emotions.

Stay in the “El Conquistador Resort” five-star hotel. Once you go through the doors, you will feel calmer and calmer, especially when you see the view from your room. Since this resort offers a view of the ocean, every corner is worthy of an install-photo session.