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Found a Way to Destroy the Cells of Breast Cancer in Just 11 days Without Chemotherapy

Knowing that the most common cancer in women is breast cancer, ie 1 in 8 American women develop this type of cancer in their lifetime, each new study for potential cancer causing great interest and improves the general outlook on life. One such study that may be the breakthrough for breast cancer, is a research of a group of scientists from Europe. Their clinical trials may have found a solution for relief from this type of cancer forever.

On the European Convention on Breast Cancer, held in Amsterdam, Professor Nigel Bundred presented the research group of European scientists and he noted that conducted testing the effects of two drugs known as Herceptin (a.k.a trastuzumab) and Lapatinib.

These drugs are commonly use to treat this type of cancer after surgery and chemotherapy. But for first time Herceptin and Lapatinib used together before surgery and chemotherapy, and were able to eliminate some types of breast cancer in just 11 days.

Now the action of these two drugs together is directed to the fight against HER2 protein that stimulates the growth and division of cells with cancer. Thus, this type of treatment there would be no need for surgery and chemotherapy and thus would have skipped the side effects of chemotherapy such as temporary hair loss, vomiting and fatigue. The treatment would be less striking to the body.

Knowing the fact that chemotherapy is not entirely effective and is not the right choice for many patients, this alternative treatment is welcome.

During the research study involved 257 women with HER2 type breast cancer. Half of the women were subjected to prior prominent combination of drugs, and the other half was the control group which was given only the drug “Herceptin”. After two weeks of treatment, 11% of the womens they have received both drugs in combination had no cancer cells left, and 17% had a dramatic reduction of tumor.

In comparison, the control group is noted 0% change in cancer cells and only 3% had reduction in tumor size.

A problem that is facing this research, this type of treatment that consists of combining the two drugs together is that obtaining a license for “Herceptin” is given only to use with chemotherapy. But the visible results of this study may help to change that.

There is still work to this therapy be applied. Let’s hope that this is a big step in the fight against cancer and contribute to the complete destruction and elimination of this deadly disease.

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