Funny but True: 20 Times Women were Hilariously Different From Men

Men and women came from different planets but they cannot live on a planet without one another. This was actually the irony God made that led to human’s survival until today.

Laugh at these 20 hilariously accurate contrasts between men and women that makes them perfectly complementary.

Disclaimer: The illustrations displayed on this article belong to life style blog site Bright Side.

1. Going Out

It is true that a woman’s “I’ll be ready in five minutes” and a man’s “I’ll be home in five minutes” are exactly the same. Most women highly maintain themselves, trying to look their best at all times to boost self-esteem. Hence, the long preparation before going out.

2. Clothes to Wear

Women also love dressing up. They have all kinds of clothes for any occasion, except they have nothing to wear every day. As ironic as it may sound, that’s how it goes for most of them.

Men, well, if they have a plain pair, they can survive a lifetime.

3. Seeing Themselves in the Mirror

After all the high-maintenance efforts for women, a lot of them still thinks a little belly makes them plus-sized.

Men on the other hand, tend to have higher self-confidence despite of how they look.Thanks to our twisted societal standards.

4. Bedroom

Women are naturally organized since they own the role of keeping a home. Although this norm comes in different shapes at present, a woman’s soul is almost tied to keeping everything clean.

Contrariwise, men tend to care less about maintaining a neat room because mom will do the cleaning anyway.

5. Desk and Desktop

A woman’s desk is as organized as a man’s computer desktop. Men always like to keep things simple, but not clean.

6. Social Networks

Men’s usual careless attitude is dragged up to their social media accounts. Although men and women’s social media activity do not highly differ in level, women tend to express themselves more on these platforms.

7. Shower Things

If you laughed hard on this illustration, please know that there is no exaggeration made. Men can turn anything into a shampoo if that is what is available in the shower.

8. Choosing a Shampoo Brand

Women are instinctively meticulous. Men, as earlier mentioned, hate complicating day to day activities. To the point of confusing themselves with how “shampoo” is correctly spelled.

9. Preparing for Work

Except from a woman’s high self-maintenance activities in the morning, the dancing and singing sessions in front of the mirror prolongs the preparation.

Men do not prepare fast though, they just wake up late.

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