Henry and Baloo: A Dog and a Cat, – Traveling Duo That For a Short Time Received Thousands of Followers

The best friends Henry and Baloo have many things in common – both are saved from the street and now enjoy long walks in nature. What makes them special for the great number of fans they follow is that they are a dog and kitten traveling duo.

Their amazing friendship and trips around the beautiful mountainous landscapes of Colorado made them one of the most famous pets in the world. Hundreds of thousands follow their Instagram adventures.

For owners Cynthia Bennett and André Sibilsky, their popularity is surreal. Cynthia and Andre have met in Boston, but the couple say that as nature lovers they are destined to live far from the city life.

“We wanted to head westward to the larger mountains. We came to Colorado and we moved, there was not much planning,” Cynthia told the BBC.

As soon as they moved, they decided to expand their family and adopt a dog.

Henry immediately separated. “He was at the same age as all the other puppies, but twice the size of them.” After entering the pits to see him, he immediately came to my lap and lay down on his back, “Cynthia explains, laughing. “Andre immediately knew that we were taking him home with us. I feel like he has chosen us in some way.”

A year later, Cynthia realized that she posted too many photos of Henry on her social networks and decided that it would be fun if she had made a special profile. It took three years to get 30,000 followers on his profile. And after taking Baloo, the number doubled.

“Henry really had a big problem when we separated and when we left him alone at home.” He was so stressed that he neither ate or drank, so we decided that we really wanted to bring him a friend, “Cynthia said.

“I want to take my pets everywhere with me – and because of Instagram I saw other people walking with their cats, who really wanted to be out,” she adds. The couple spent several months looking for a true friend for their Henry.

“Ultimately,” says Cynthia, “you can not force a cat to do anything.”

Like Henry, Baloo is saved kitten from a street. He was part of a brood of eight cubs who belonged to a mother whose owner refused to keep them and they were immediately abandoned.

“As soon as he met Henry, he immediately attached himself to him.” Balu is definitely obsessed with Henry – if I want to calm him down, I will put him to him and he will fall asleep immediately. I really believe that Baloo thinks Henry is his mother, she says.

Cynthia believes that the cat also thinks he is a dog.

“If he sees a dog while walking, he will immediately run to him, but if he sees a cat pretending he does not see and ignore it, that is really funny.”

However, not everything is positive. Popularity has brought them negative reactions against the couple’s alternative lifestyle. But Cynthia says the support far outweighs the negativity.

“You just have to ignore it and let it pass through you. Then you sit down and read hundreds of other comments that say Henry and Baloo beautify their day.”


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