BREAKING: Killed Holistic Doctors who Discovered a Carcinogen Enzyme that is Added to the Vaccines

Holistic doctors were killed when their research revealed that the enzyme protein nagalase was deliberately injected into the human body through immunization of the population.

The murdered doctors felt that each of us was injected with an enzyme in order to reduce the work of our immunity.The same enzyme produces cancer cells and a virus, and only the individual, that is, the man with the best genes can survive.

This enzyme blocks the production of GcMAD – protein, which prevents the immune system from performing its function.

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet believes that the enzyme nasalase, which discovered he and Dr. Gonzales, was injected into the body during vaccination.

“In the last few months of his life, Dr. Bradstreet became interested in nagalase, which he describes as an enzyme that produces cancer cells and a virus. This enzyme removes the natural ability of the body to destroy cancer cells.

The enzyme Nagalaza is a protein that is found in high concentrations in autistic children.

And they put that enzyme in our vaccines !!!

It prevents the body by using vitamin D to fight cancer and prevent autism.

The enzyme nasalase disables the immune system. It is also known to cause type 2 diabetes.

Basically, all doctors who discovered this have been killed because they have actually discovered a cancer medicine or a successful treatment of autism. They were liquidated because they proved by research that the vaccine they inject into our children causes cancer and a high autistic crisis.

And it is obvious that it was done consciously and intentionally. The doctors who were killed were ready to go public with information.

Depopulation is practiced in such a way that poisoning is first put into vaccines, and then a law is passed that all children must be vaccinated to go to school. That is the method of slow death.

They think it is fair to survive only the strongest. Only the best genes to survive?”


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