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People Who Survived the Impossible

5. He was trapped under water for three days

Harrison Ockene getting ready for his wedding. He was a young, happy and had a good job as a cook on board. On 26 May this year, he woke up and went to the bathroom. And then something hit the boat, which later sank.

He found a blanket and tarpaulins which managed to stop the leakage of water into his cabin. He found water and food, and all that time he was in his cabin, and the water level there amounted almost to his pelvis. How this is not enough, so the sharks started to enter the hull of the ship in search of food. When we say food, we think of his colleagues. 62 hours he was trapped under water.

Thanks to the compressed air, that is, when the ship sank, the pressure of the water stored in the air less numerous pockets (booths). So in themselves booths had more oxygen than usual. That is what saved Harrison. When the company sent divers 3 days later, it became clear that the ship crannies there anyone alive. Rescue and diving teams pulled out, some time he was in a hyperbaric chamber, but now he is alive and well, and Hollywood is preparing to shoot a film.

4. In the depths of the tornado

Matt Suter in 2006 was 19, and went to visit his grandmother. Then the weather deteriorated, particularly approaching tornado. Matt entered the trailer and closed the windows. The next minute he was in the air with the trailer. But if you think the strong wind of 300 km / h blowing him into small pieces, you’re wrong. He faints, and an amazing miracle he survived. Later he woke up in a field near the scene, a little away from the completely destroyed trailer, but he was in good health, he was only whit a few scratches. This is not the first time, in 1955, a nine year old boy survived a similar situation.

3. Mega Tsunami

Distant 1958 happened mega tsunami, particularly the biggest one so far happened. And the tsunami is not exactly a nice thing, but in this case we talk about mega tsunami that happened exactly on a fishing boat.

For starters we say that the wave was higher than “Empire State Bulding” and had more than 500 meters. And that’s really a lot. It originated from a piece of mountain of 30.6 million cubic meters of rock landslide, and fell into the sea near Alaska. The wave destroyed everything are around, expect a two guys who “carelessly surfing” on it.

Howard Ulrich and his eight year old son Sonny chose the wrong night fishing. At 10:15 pm, they heard loud thunder, who later described as an explosion of the atomic bomb. Next they see, was a wall of water, high half kilometer as approaching.

“Son, begin to pray,” said the father to the son, and himself put his whiskey. Men with style right? But it seems that the prayer of the little Sony has been successful and tsunami not destroyed them. On the contrary, it only raised them to the top, where they watched the area around 30 minutes. Then the wave disappeared, and left them adventure that will surely often speak.

2. Below explosion of the atomic bomb

In July 1957, five soldiers volunteered for a special task. They were standing in the explosion of an atomic bomb. Just below the explosion. The idea of this task was to explain to the citizens that radiation is not so terrible thing, because the residents themselves were not impressed because of nuclear testing near the place where they live.

The soldiers had nothing to protect themselves. Cameraman wore special clothing, since heard what will happen. Amazingly, all five soldiers survived. And they lived long and happy lives afterwards. In fact, to this day, two of that mission are alive. And that all got cancer in some part of their lifes, probably just is a coincidence.

1. Falling from 10,000 meters


In its long and illustrious history Yugoslav Airlines had only two serious accidents. One of those accidents occurred over Czechoslovakia, airplane DC-9 from the company JAT flying from Stockholm to Zagreb crashed for unknown reasons, killing 27 passengers and crew, but not Vesna Vulovich, stewardess of 22 years.

She survived a bomb blast, and a fall of 10.160 meters, had a fractured skull, three broken vertebrae and she was temporarily paralyzed, but after 27 days in coma, she recovered and later walked. Later, she entered the Guinness Book of Records as the person who survived the fall from the highest level.




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