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The Significance Behind the Logos of Famous car Brands

The car’s signs are synonymous with car companies, so many fans can instantly recognize the brand according to the emblem. However, many of them do not know the story of what the sign signifies, so we decided to find out about several famous car brands.

Chevrolet – The manufacturer of these cars, Louis Chevrolet, saw one sign in a local newspaper, so he wanted his cars to feature similar.

Alfa Romeo – The Red Cross is a symbol of Milan, and the crowned green Poisonous snake, which swallows a man, is a symbol of the Visconti House, which in the past ruled the city.

Bentley – Оваа компанија на почеток почнала да изработува делови за авиони, па сосема се разбирливи крилјата, додека среброто означува префинетост.

Mazda – Over the years, the Mazda sign has undergone many changes, but the current sign marks the letter “M”, while the arched part represents the sun.

Tesla – The shape of the sign represents the cross on an electric motor, where the upright part is the rotor, and the curved part of the top is a stator.

Mercedes-Benz – The sign of this car brand comes from a postcard sent by Gottileeb Daimler to his wife to mark a place and wrote: One day this star will shine strongly over our factories. Thus, the star signifies land, sea and air.

Ford – This sign has been unchanged since 1909 and marks the founder’s signature.

Volvo – The sign is actually a Romanian symbol of Mars, the god of war. Given that iron at that time was very expensive and represented strength, safety and durability, the founders wanted their cars to present exactly this.

BMW – The black circle comes from the BMW’s ancestral logo, Rapp, while the white and blue parts represent the Bavarian flag.

Aston Martin – The wings are a force, and the founders were inspired by this sign from Winged B, a Bentley car.

Toyota – The interior parts are the hearts of consumers and the company that build a common bond of trust. That connection forms the letter T.

Audi – логото претставува четири марки (Audi, DKW, Horch, Wanderer). Секој прстен е бренд, и сите заедно формираат унија.

Hyundai – Stylish handling of trust between two, ie the company and the consumer.

Ferrari – The top is the Italian flag, and the yellow color represents the color of Modena. The initials SF (Scuderia Ferrari) means the team Ferarri, while the horse was used for luck.

Opel – The Opel logo is the letter Z, which comes from the Blitz (Lightning) truck, which helped during the Second World War.

Skoda – An arrow with three feathers, that is, the arrow is a movement, the wings are freedom, and the eye represents the precision of the wings. Green color represents a new beginning.

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